Monday, September 20, 2010

In the throes

I am just beginning my fourth week of classes.  It's hard not to feel overwhelmed, but that's what I'm told the grad school experience is all about.

I'll be doing an oral presentation for Intro to the Profession tomorrow, which I'm really excited about.  A prospectus is also due for our semester project -- see my previous post about the Bookend Project.  I also am officially on the schedule as of tomorrow for the Writing Center and I have two appointments already scheduled.

For Wednesday, we are finishing Adam Bede in my George Eliot class.  We have a short paper due the following week, and I need to wrap my thoughts around that.  I would really like to put GE in conversation with Shakespeare's Hamlet -- holding the mirror up to nature.  There's a lot of mirror imagery in Adam Bede and also a concern for naming things in the novel as well as in her journals and essays.  I'm thinking there's something worth investigating there.

For my Comp Theory project, I'm doing some research on performance studies.  I'm thinking more about the syllabus/sequence idea, and how to incorporate performance in a classroom pedagogy.


  1. wow. . . talk about scholary (and talk about bad spelling!!) you know the word I mean! you sound incredibly busy! I've been following your 'progress' on Facebook, but I had no idea about you being a Doctorate student!! Yea for you!! Thanks for the comment love :) I'm jumping on here . . keeping writing!

  2. thank you!! it is incredibly busy but i am loving it so far, despite the anxiety. i'm glad you found this, and we can mutually support each other's blog efforts!


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