Monday, October 4, 2010

Coming up on midterm ...

This semester is absolutely flying by, and we are approaching the halfway point.  Today I turn in my very first "official" paper of grad school!  I'm very nearly finished and I am actually pretty satisfied with it.  I'm writing about vision, blindness, and coming to consciousness in George Eliot's Silas Marner.  Though I feel like my writing is a little rusty, I'm surprised that it wasn't that hard to get back into the swing of 'academic writing.'

The amount of reading is really overwhelming and the semester long projects are giving me a lot of anxiety.  We have an additional project for Comp Theory on a "key term" and I decided to go with "rhetoric" -- it's huge, I know!  But I want to focus on how Shakespeare uses rhetoric in his plays.  Rhetoric would have been part of his education, and it shows up a lot in the plays.  I've always been interested in learning more particulars about it, because I don't know much and this seems like a good opportunity.

We're moving forward pretty quickly with The Bookend Project and auditions for the summer season.  Auditions will be November 7 and 8.  There's still a lot to do -- an audition form, an information sheet on both projects, sides to be compiled.  We also have a grant application due on Wednesday.  My scripts are due for The Bookend Project by November 22, and there's still a great deal to do with those too.

It's no wonder I feel like my bloodstream is pure coffee.

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