Saturday, September 11, 2010


New thoughts today on The Tempest project for Intro to the Profession.  Since we are producing Titus Andronicus this spring for the RAW, I am really excited at the notion of working on a project for this course that also feeds the RAW Project.  Considering both these plays as variations of the revenge play and also considering their relative positions at the beginning and end of the canon, I think there's a really interesting conversation going on between these plays.  (And certainly with all the plays in between these plays, but that's going to be a bit much to consider for this particular project.)

I'm working on a prospectus for this Bookend Project.  (I'm liking this title.)

Other things of note will be the 2011 Season announcement to the board tomorrow.  I need to do a press release for that and also have some grants to work on, due quite soon.  To manage this with my schoolwork is more than a little daunting.

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