Thursday, March 10, 2011

End of Spring Break Blues

I am coming into the tail-end of my spring break, and all I can feel is the pressure of spring semester, part two. 2011 is heating up, people! Tomorrow I head up to New Hampshire for my first conference as a graduate student. I believe the last conference I attended was about seven years ago. Yikes. I'll be presenting as part of panel on Digital Literacy in the Writing Center at the NEWCA Conference. That's, Northeast Writing Centers Association. Cool, right?

Once I return, I'm really excited to speak with Professor Luann Jennings's Shakespeare class about producing Shakespeare on the stage. That brings us up to Monday, 3/14. The following Sunday, Patrick and I will be traveling up to the Adirondacks to officially accept our grant from the Lower Adirondacks Regional Arts Council for this summer's festival season. This news is still amazing to me! By the end of the month, it is our goal to have the summer season fully cast (sorry for the wait, everyone).

In April, we'll be finalizing our performance venues, beginning a round of press releases, and have all scripts out for memorization. (This means I need to finish our Merchant of Venice script.) For school, I have a short paper due on Joyce's Ulysses, a final paper proposal for my Medieval Romance class, an annotated bibliography due for 19th Century, a presentation for 19th C, our St. John's Graduate Conference where I'll be presenting a paper on George Eliot, and thankfully Easter Break. The first week in May is when all three of my term papers are due, clocking in at 20-25 pages each.

To have this all listed in one place actually feels slightly less overwhelming to me. And hopefully it will explain my sporadic posting from now until the middle of May. Thank you, dear readers, for following my goings-on and I look forward to more productive posting this summer.

You can continue to follow our updates on Facebook (Adirondack Shakespeare Company), on Twitter (@adkshakes), and of course at our website I promise a lovely post introducing our Summer Festival Season coming soon!

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  1. "Dear readers" just makes me wish you'd write a whole post in the voice of Wizard People.


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