Thursday, March 17, 2011

ADK Shakes T-Shirts!

A totally shameless plug for our summer season and our brand new merchandising department -- which consists of T-SHIRTS!

I'm really excited about these shirts because they are our first ever ADK Shakes merchandise. I love the grassroots feel of what we do, but it's exciting to grow with each production and each season. I feel like Season Two is a very big deal for us.

I hope you'll help celebrate with us by ordering a t-shirt! We are doing a special early-bird promo through April 1 -- and our shirts will cost only $10 each. After April 1, the price will go up to $15 -- and that will only last until May 1! After May 1, all shirts will be $20 each.

I love the design of these shirts. The colors match our web palate, for one thing! Our company logo is on the front, and we have Hungry Will on the back with a quote from this season's The Merchant of Venice: "I pray you know me when we meet again ..."

So if you'd like to pre-order, email us at with SHIRTS in the subject line. Give us the number of shirts you'd like and the sizes. We can hold your order for you until we see you this summer, or we can mail your shirts to you at an additional cost.

More info on the summer company will be coming soon!

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