Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Macbeth and Tempest Actor Tracks

Scaroon Manor Amphitheater, New Year's Day 2013
What better way to usher in 2013 than with auditions for the summer? It's been awfully cold upstate this winter, which is delicious, but it sure is making me nostalgic for summer!

We at the Adirondack Shakespeare Company are planning our season auditions, which will be held in NYC on Saturday, February 16 and in Albany on Monday, February 25. Our Fourth Annual Summer Festival Season will feature mainstage productions of The Tempest, Macbeth, and an original children's production of David & Goliath. We're making some changes this season due to budget cutbacks, including trimming our company from 14 members to 9. One of these members will serve as the Assistant Stage Manager for all productions. Two of the other members will act in one of the main stage shows and serve as "Conductor" for the other. (I'll describe this position more in a later post, I hope!) The remainder of the company members will act in all three shows.

If you're an actor viewing this post, welcome! Following is a list of our potential tracks for the two mainstage shows, The Tempest and Macbeth. These tracks are set only for each show and not paired up between the two shows yet. That is, I haven't yet decided how the Propsero track in The Tempest might pair up with any track in Macbeth, or if perhaps that track might serve as Conductor. All that will depend on who shows up in the room! All roles are open.

So without further ado, the tracks in The Tempest (listed in descending size order) will be:
Actor 1 - Prospero / Master
Actor 2 - Ariel / Miranda / Boatswain
Actor 3 - Gonzalo / Stephano
Actor 4 - Caliban / Ferdinand / Adrian
Actor 5 - Antonio / Trinculo / Juno
Actor 6 - Sebastian / Iris / Spirit 3.1
Actor 7 - Alonso / Ceres / Spirit 3.1
Actor 8 - Conductor

And in Macbeth:
Actor 1 - Macbeth
Actor 2 - Lady Macbeth / Ross / Seyton / Hecate / 3 Murderer
Actor 3 - Malcolm / 2 Witch / Old Man / Porter / 2 Murderer
Actor 4 - Macduff / 3 Witch / Duncan / 1 Murderer
Actor 5 - Banquo / Siward / Hecate / English Doctor
Actor 6 - Lenox / 1 Witch / Young Siward / Fleance / Boy
Actor 7 - Lady Macduff / Donalbain / Gentlewoman / Hecate / Angus
Actor 8 - Conductor

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