Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kingship Part Two Casting Matrix

*UPDATE 6/16/12* - It's come to my attention what a useful tool this Matrix is for others and that all our hard work is totally up for grabs here on the interwebs. Since this Matrix represents dozens of hours of work, I am going to take the images of it out of the post. You can still see a sample of what the matrix looks like by viewing this post.

If you are interested in using it for production, you may contact me at Thanks!

I'm excited to share the Part Two Casting Matrix with you. This one was kind of a beast -- more so than the Matrix for Part One. In Part Two there were more supporting roles that could have doubled. In Part One it was generally the heftier roles that went across multiple plays. And for Part Two, the individual show maps were just a bit trickier. I couldn't get everything to fit just perfectly.

I'm really pretty happy with what's here. I think the individual packages of roles are really fascinating. Some interesting connections are bound to be made when roles like Hotspur and Katherine are paired, or Richard II's murderers being played by the actors who were also his confidants. I love it!

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