Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet Michael!

I fell a little behind on these introductions. I like to have them up before the shows open, but as you might imagine -- last week became pretty hectic! We shall now be back on track for our final three introductions before our closing weekend begins.

So without further ado ...

I've been looking forward to working with Michael since our auditions for the 2011 Season. He had a great audition for us last fall. I could have used Michael in a number of roles last season. It's one of the biggest challenges of casting for repertory theatre. I'm not casting just a single play, but rather trying to fit a puzzle together casting two or even three plays. This year we finally had the right combination of roles for Michael. We're so pleased to have him on board as the Duke and in the ensemble of Merchant. It's been a great pleasure getting to know this brainy guy! Don't miss him in this final weekend of performances.

(MERCHANT: Old Gobbo, Servant, Salerio, Gaoler; MEASURE: Duke)

Michael is delighted to work at last with Adirondack Shakespeare. With The Shelter NYC: "Kate" (playwright), F***ing Christmas (actor) and Night Windows (assistant director). Other theater: Grief and Celebration (Ugly Rhino), Two Gentleman of Verona (Extant Arts). Film: You Can't Kill Stephen King, Pro-Black Sheep. TV: Celebrity Ghost Stories, Burger King. Internet: The Onion News Network. Improv & Sketch: Alan Chan Improv, Punching Hal. Also: narrator for the JPS Tanakh ( Art Director for Frank The Rat.

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