Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meet Christian!

Check this guy out! This is the first year we've gotten to see Christian read, and he kicked some serious you-know-what when he auditioned with Gloster's speech (yes, I like the Folio spelling, ok?) from 3 Henry VI. It was terrifying. In a good way. Some actors are just born to play certain roles. Patrick and I tend to think of these roles as an actor's spirit animal. Well, I have a feeling that Richard is Christian's spirit animal. He just inhabited this role physically, vocally, emotionally ... it was extraordinary. Such a treat for us!

He's also really quite funny. You'll see. Don't miss him in some of the best (if less well known) clown's roles in the canon. And maybe ... bring a change of clothes. Just in case.

I agree, he is a totally rad dude.

(MERCHANT: Morocco, Launcelet Gobbo, Magnifico; MEASURE: Pompey, Friar Peter)

ADK Shakes debut

Christian is very excited to be in his first production with ADK Shakespeare. He was most recently seen as Marcellus and Osric in the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival's first ever production of Hamlet. Other HVSF credits include Comedy Of Errors (Angelo, Solinus), The Bomb-itty Of Errors (Dromio Of Syracuse), The Taming Of The Shrew (Biondello), Troilus & Cressida (Paris, Calchas), Cymbeline (Guiderius), Macbeth (Witch/Murderer)and Julius Caesar (Cassius). Christian is an MFA graduate of the New School for Drama, where he had the great joy of playing the title role in their production of Richard III. Other NSD credits include On The Verge (The Male Player), The Drowned World (Darren), Hamlet (Claudius), and Stage Door (Keith Burgess). NYC credits: Looking At Christmas (The Flea Theater), FarAway (59E59 St. Theater), Crazy Eights (The Cell Theater), Author's Voice (The Cell Theater). Christian is a totally rad dude.

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